Monday, May 30, 2005

Temperatures rise over soccer bread

From Aftenposten:

Fans of rival Oslo soccer clubs have been battling it out lately over, of all things, bread. Now a bake shop employee has received death threats for selling Vålerenga (VIF)-brand bread in Lillestrøm country. "It's completely impossible for us to have control over what fans do in their free time," said a chagrined leader for the Lillestrøm club, Petter Olafsen. "But it's clearly an unfortunate development when they begin to threaten a bakery employee." The ruckus began last week, when employees of the Kiwi grocery store chain in suburban Bærum refused to sell the Vålerenga bread. Fans for the local rival soccer club Stabæk had mounted a massive e-mail campaign against Kiwi, and the chain backed down. Things turned more serious this week, when a female employee of the Martin Nordby bakery, which runs its own chain of bake shops, said she'd received death threats at the shop in Lillestrøm, home of Vålerenga's arch rival LSK. A Nordby official said she was "relatively shocked" upon learning that LSK fans had threatened the bakery employee's life, threatened to damage her car and puncture her tires, and to set fire to her house if she kept selling the Vålerenga bread. Tone Melgård of Baker Nordby said the bakery was taking the situation seriously and was considering filing a police report.


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