Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"Having Children Isn't Sexy In Germany"

Dwindling pensions and falling birth rates in Germany means the country needs more children. But, a new study has found that societal hostility towards kids is preventing many Germans from starting a family. The study found that while 80 percent of parents found understanding and support in their private lives, publicly the opposite is the case. Half of those surveyed said children were considered bothersome in stores or restaurants. The same, apparently, is the case at the workplace, the study found. Many bosses show lack of understanding when it comes to working overtime. For 42 percent of mothers, children are simply "career killers." Academics in particular feel children put them at a disadvantage in their profession.

New European Unemployment Highs

Germany's unemployment rate rose to a postwar record of 12 percent in March as the economy, Europe's biggest, struggled to rebound from a contraction in the fourth quarter and companies cut jobs in response to slowing demand. The number of job seekers rose by 92,000 in March to 4.97 million. It was the 14th straight monthly increase.


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