Monday, April 04, 2005

Did Norwegians participate in WW II war crimes?

WW II created scars that still haven't fully healed. The co-called German Babies, who's only crime was being born, are trying to get recognition of their plight. But even regarding the people who really were traitors, there are still some unresolved questions:

The Government has provided NOK 5 millions to a project aimed at finding out if Norwegian volunteers participated in the German mass killing of Jews in World War II. Several thusand Norwegians volunteered to serve with the German forces during the war. - Norway has not yet faced all sides of its own war history, says Justice Minister Odd Einar Doerum. - This is so far an unknown part of the Norwegian citizens' relationship to the war. It is time, this long afterwards, that we,- with the help of the critical view of experts,- also will be able to look at this part of our history, Doerum says to NRK. Nearly 6000 Norwegians enlisted with the German Waffen-SS. Some of these served with divisions which took part in mass killings of Jews and other war crimes. However, it is not known whether the Norwegian units actually participated in war crimes. After the war all these volunteers were convicted of treason, but it was never investigated if any of them participated in the Nazi genocide.


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